Ivory Billed Lodge

Lodge was clean and comfortable. Hunting experience was good. Guides went out of their way changing the spreads to attract the pintails.  Looking forward to hunting with the Ivory next year.


Joe Lidy.  Illinois



If you want some good game on the Mississippi flyway, I'd highly suggest this hunting lodge. Mike's a really good guy and his hunting guides really know what they're doing. 5 stars #Rackem


Charles Barber



Mike is a very gracious and hardworking host. Beautiful lodge and great people. Hard to beat their $1 a day hunting deal. Check them out for details.


Anthony Doty



This place is amazing. Perfect atmosphere for duck hunters. Ideal place for coon hunting also. You can't go wrong with Ivory Billed Duck Lodge.


Previn Blalock



Very friendly, fantastic food, knowledgeable guides, as convenient as it gets! Thanks for a great stay!!!


Matt Harper


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